David Greenspan Attorney at Law

David Greenspan,
Attorney at Law

Licensed to serve in Washington State since 2007.


About David Greenspan

I have been an attorney in Washington State since 2007. I received my law degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, but have lived in Washington for most of my life. Since 2009, I have run my own solo legal practice, specializing in criminal defense. I am a active member in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association, and the King County Bar Association. I have also received training in defense practices from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers' College.

A Balanced Perspective

Before starting my criminal defense practice, I worked as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Clallam County, WA. There, I gained a substantial body of trial experience in everything from simple misdemeanors to complex and serious felonies. Because of this, I know the ins and outs of prosecution techniques, making me more effective as an advocate and a negotiator, helping you to achieve better results both in and out of court.

With dozens of jury and bench trials under my belt, you can be confident that I know my way around a courtroom. I have spent years building a strong reputation among fellow attorneys and judges as a fierce, professional, and competent advocate for my clients.

David Greenspan, Attorney at Law